Mittwoch, 28. März 2007

K 115, Scarlatti In Paradise - Natural Theatre Company

28 03 2007

K 115 (L 407) in c-moll, Allegro. "A powerful work whose demonic drive is frequently interrupted by dramatic pauses. Modulations to related major keys provide some relief from the sombre character of this work.” (Gilbert Rowland, Liner Notes zu seiner Gesamteinspielung, Vol.26; Keyboard Records KGR 1026CD). Keine leichte Kost, aber ein sehr interessantes Hörerlebnis. Besonders gut kommt der düstere, etwas dämonische Charakter des Stückes, aufgehellt von gelegentlichen kurzen fröhlichen Passagen, in der Einspielung Rövenstruncks zur Geltung.

Wer hätte das gedacht, es gibt eine Art Scarlatti Musical. Eine Presseaussendung der Natural Theatre Company vermeldet folgendes:


16th February 2004

He's had a Birthday Party, a Wedding and thought that he'd had his Revenge, but for the arrogant harpsichord maestro Domenico Scarlatti, the British Natural Theatre Company think there's only one place left for him to go - Paradise!

This latest instalment, Scarlatti In Paradise, will follow on from the success of the internationally renowned Scarlatti's Birthday Party (1985), Scarlatti's Wedding (1990) and Scarlatti's Revenge (1998) and will feature the timely death of our last! Scarlatti will be pitting his wits against the scandalous violin virtuoso Paganini and all the familiar Natural Theatre features will be included - fantastically skilled musicians, wonderfully witty songs and an astonishingly array of fast costume changes.

This final episode has been written by Ralph Oswick (who will be portraying Scarlatti) and Chris Dickins (as the outrageously bewigged Farinelli). Chris Dickins has once again arranged and adapted some thrilling music, all of which will be played live by the cast. They will be joined on stage by Ben Livingstone as Handel, Rab Handleigh as Paganini and John A Sampson as Bach.

"I'm really looking forward to returning to Germany. As one of the surviving members of the original Scarlatti cast, I have performed with the Naturals for over 20 years and am sure that this will be the best production yet" said Mr Sampson

The production premiered in Bath on 13th February to huge acclaim. The talented performers were met with sold out performances and, as one reviewer stated, "this is the slickest, funniest and most brilliant musical". You don’t need to have seen the previous productions or be particularly musical to enjoy it - just be able to appreciate a couple of hours of fun!

For further information, please contact:
Helen Chamberlain, General Manager, Natural Theatre Company, Widcombe Institute, Widcombe Hill, Bath BA2 6AA, UK
Tel + 44 (0)1225 469131 Fax + 44 (0)1225 442555 e mail: web:


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